Our greatest passion is to know Jesus, follow Jesus, and to lead others to do the same. In eager anticipation of the 2000-year anniversary of the Great Commission, we’ve multiplied.


We’ve become a non-stop house of prayer who truly believes His presence is better than life.


We’ve ignited a disciple-making movement with a culture of deep, spiritual formation across every life stage that’s full of grace and truth. “Who’s your 3” is now common language.


Our cities have heard about the beauty of Jesus, as evidenced by the 344,869 bold gospel conversations. We’ve celebrated 365 baptisms every year, as Jesus adds to our number day-by-day those who are being saved.


Fully dependent on the Spirit of Jesus, darkness is pushed back, and the Kingdom of Light is advancing. People are being loved, the poor are being served, and the prisoners are being set free in Jesus’ name.

We’ve gone to the nations. We’ve engaged 5 unreached people groups, planted 5 international churches, and sent 100 mission trips around the world. We’ve impacted the NowGen with over 100,000 kids & students experiencing Jesus at camp.


We’ve equipped the saints for ministry with over 100 future leaders trained through our Leadership Development Program.

We’ve become a movement of 10 campuses/church plants that are Jesus-centered, discipleship-driven, and transformation-focused houses of worship.


And we’ve generously given whatever it takes to see Jesus' Great Commission realized and to live into a story way bigger than ourselves.

We have songs that tell our story, some scars from the journey, but so much joy in our hearts because we know Jesus is infinitely worth it.